My shopware book

In 2016 I wrote the german book Shopware: Das Handbuch für Entwickler (Shopware: Developer's manual). Here you will learn the story of this book.

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Gstreamer and SID

Some years ago I played around with Gstreamer quite a lot. Gstreamer is an open source multimedia framework which allows you to deal with video and audio sources of any kind and play, convert or mux them to your needs.

The nice thing with Gstreamer is the fact, that it is very powerful on the one hand, but very good to test and play around with on the other hand. For example it provides tools to run and inspect the various filters, sources and converters easily. Also it has bindings to e.g. Python, so you can use them in a native way, without the need to run shell commands from within your script. Yesterday I found, that Gstreamer also has siddec decoder, which allows you to deal with SID files. So this blog post is about playing retro C64 SID files with Gstreamer.

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Image recognition and testing

In "How we used computer vision for testing" I give a quick introduction in e.g. Sikuli or SimpleCV with some nice examples and describe, how we made use of techniques of these, to perform integration tests for our application. Even though we decided not to maintain that solution any more because of several problems - I think it was a pretty cool setup and might be worth a read :).

Proof of concept: Parsing queries to detect SQL injections

Some time ago I wrote a simple PDO query inspector, which will parse every SQL query of your application and search for constant query parts. Those constant query parts are not necessarily SQL injections - but it might be a good development tool, to collect potentially problematic query.

Read more in the "inspecting PDO queries" blog post in our Shopware blog or check out my PDO inspector repository.

What is an item?

In What is an item? I discuss terms like "item", "article" and "product" and show, how items are handled in Shopware

Evolution of plugin systems

Me at the code.talks conference 2015At the code.talks 2015 conference I had the pleasure to speak about "evolution of plugin systems". In that talk I had a quick look at the requirements developers usually have, when they decide to bring a plugin system into play. Furthermore I showed some examples of ways to extend software and discussed advantages and disadvantages.

If you missed the talk or want to have a look at the slides: Here you go

Migrating from bazaar to git

Most of the python projects, I build between 2007 and 2012, are currently located on launchpad and use bazaar as version control system. As most of my current stuff lives on github, I want to migrate some of my bazaar projects to git. This is actually quite easy:

sudo apt-get install bzr-fastimport

This will install the fast import extension to bazaar, which will allow you to import the bazaar commits to git using git fast-import command.

Now navigate to your bazaar project and init the git repository, if you haven't done so, yet: git init.

In order to perform the migration run:

bzr fast-export . | git fast-import

new homepage

Today I am starting to migrate my homepage from the existing Wordpress installation to Sculpin. There was not lot of traffic going on the last few years - but I hope, that I will be able to give a few of my last script and tools a quick update.