My shopware book

In 2016 I wrote the german book Shopware: Das Handbuch für Entwickler (Shopware: Developer's manual). Here you will learn the story of this book.

How it all began

Since I am working at shopware, I was always thinking about having some sort of "developer book". At some point, when I also became a trainer for our developer trainings, I felt confident enough to just start writing it: So I did that and began my own tiny little shopware book without telling anyone about it.

I was making some progress (not too much), when a partner of ours approached our management and asked, if they could write a shopware book. As no one knew about my efforts, the management said "yes" and I put my book on hold. Lessons learned: Be more communicative about it next time.

Years went by and in october 2015 I wondered, what happened to the book. When I learned, that currently there where no efforts anymore to write that book, I took the chance and asked my boss, Stefan Hamann, if I could do it as a side project. I could. So I sat together with my colleague Wiljo Krechting, who already has published five books, and discussed the possibilities. He suggested a few publishers and talked to them, and I was very happy to learn, that there was the opportunity to work with Rheinwerk, a very well known publisher in germany, formerly known as "Galileo Press". Thanks to Wiljo we got in contact with Rheinwerk and had the first phone call end of 2015.

Writing the book

Some time went by and I had the chance to improve on the concept of the book. In march 2016, I finally got the decision from Rheinwerk: They agreed to publish a shopware developer book. The next few month where very exciting: Contracts where signed, covers designed and pages written. Many pages. Even though I wrote the book as a private person, shopware supported me doing so: In addition to Stefan and Wiljo, who I already mentioned, I had Sebastian Hamann, Dennis Schaa and Sebastian Meggle, who helped me discussing possible book covers and making author images, I can actually live with :). Furthermore some developers proof read chapters or gave me valuable feedback regarding "how to do $something$ best", for example Linus Holtstiege, Jan Bücker, Oliver Skroblin or Philipp Schuch.

In summary, I have to say, writing such a book is a lot of work to do and a lot of decisions to make. But it is also fun and interesting, to explain all those various topics and draw an overall picture of software development with Shopware. So at the end of the day, for me as an author it was totally worth it - and I hope, it is also worth it for you as a possible reader.

What is the book about?

As already mentioned, the book is a developer's book about Shopware: So it covers the installation of Shopware as well as setting up working environments on Windows, Mac or Linux. For developers being completely new to Shopware, I also added a "quick start" chapter, that will help you to understand the main concepts: From my experience, it doesn't make sense to start developing something, if you don't fully understand, what it can do by default already. The rest of the book is about developing, of course: There are chapters about creating themes and making them responsive, chapters about our new plugin system, custom shopping world elements, ElasticSearch, database with and without doctrine, console commands, REST API, the new storefront components, unit testing and more. Also there are a lot of tips and tricks regarding setting up and developing Shopware properly.

Whom is the book for?

I wrote the book with developers in mind. I think it will be useful for unexperienced PHP developers just starting their first Shopware project as well as for more advanced developers, just wanting to refresh their knowledge or people wo did Shopware development already but want to learn about the new plugin system in Shopware 5.2 and later. If you are having your own shop and just want to modify some little details in the template or learn about writing plugins, I think the first chapters might be very useful to you, some later chapters could be a little hard for non-technicians. But honestly: Just try out the extract that Rheinwerk offers, and judge yourself.

Where to get it?

The book should be available at all well-known bookselling (online) shops, for example:

You can get it on paper or as ebook in formats like PDF, EPUB or MOBI


When reading a book and following the examples, there can always be questions, you cannot answer by yourself. For those cases there is "book area" in the official shopware forums. I am sure, we will be able to help you out there.